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Jax Grill Has Menu Items Just for the Super Bowl

For one dish, cereal and chicken got together and had a sweet love child.

By Joanna O'Leary January 26, 2017

Macho nachos l7wxly

Macho Nachos, $8.95.

The Super Bowl is coming up super quickly, and if you’re hosting a party but feel super overwhelmed by the tyranny of choice that arises from the super selection of super recipes on Pinterest, skip the DIY and order some super takeout from Jax Grill. (I’m done, I promise.)

Usually at this point in any article on to-go grub, I would insert a disclaimer regarding the inevitable decline in quality that occurs in transporting food from point A to point B (or even point C, should you not subscribe to the adage, ‘Never follow a hippie to a second location’). However, so skilled are the staff at Jax Grill at constructing your dish in the takeout container proper and compartmentalizing each component that you will hardly notice any devolution in either taste or presentation upon reassembly, even in the case of the nachos.

Wings zdcwjp

Chipotle BBQ and Buffalo wings, $5.95 for six, $9.95 for 12.

And speaking of which, Jax offers two varieties. Both feature the usual motley crew of toppings (charro beans, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeños, pico de gallo) but diverge when it comes to cheese and protein.  Although purists may prefer the Macho Nachos for its thick strata of ground beef and melted cheddar cheese, I liked the ooey-gooey deliciousness of the queso in the Fajita Nachos and the more discernible chunks of grilled chicken or beef.

While the nachos are great for mindless noshing (and, therefore, most appropriate for Super Bowl dining), jalapenos stuffed with cheddar cheese, battered, and deep-fried punch you in the taste buds with each scorching (both in terms of spice and temperature) bite. I plan to use them to distract myself from Tom Brady’s insipid whining.

Capncrunch zllumr

Cap'n Crunch battered fried chicken strips, $8.95 

Wings are a staple for any Super Bowl party, and both Jax’s chipotle BBQ and regular Buffalo-style galline appendages are satisfactory — though the latter’s sauce could use some vinegar twang.

Finally, the deep-fried chicken strips coated in crushed Cap'n Crunch cereal rank as perhaps the most interesting item on the game day takeout menu. They deserve first prize for providing the most intense contrast between sweet and savory, and moist and crispy, thanks to the balance of juicy, salty chicken flesh and sugary batter.  You can further stir the flavor pot by dunking these babies in honey mustard, gravy, or ranch dressing. But that might be too crazy.

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