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Pi Pizza Brings Back A Taste of the Truck For National Pizza Day—And Beyond

Praise the almighty pizza gods, Paneer Death Experience is coming back!

By Emily Juhasz February 8, 2017

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"A Taste of the Truck" means more of Anthony Calleo's quirky pizzas.

Image: Alice Levitt

Of the profusion of random national food days we have here in the good ol’ United States of America (who knew that today is National Molasses Bar Day?), National Pizza Day has to be one of our favorites over here at Houstonia. Who doesn’t love pizza? Few gustatory experiences are on par with that of opening a box of freshly made pizza and smelling the gooey, melted cheese and all of those delicious toppings. 

And Pi Pizza is taking advantage of the "holiday." On Thursday, February 9, the Heights restaurant is set to launch “A Taste of the Truck," a series of rotating house specials. Each month, Pi Pizza will unveil three specialty pizzas that chef-partner Anthony Calleo concocted in his successful 4 1/2 year turn running the business as a food truck. He and Lee Ellis, owner of Cherry Pie Hospitality, opened the restaurant this summer.

Known for its thin, Brooklyn-style pies, Pi Pizza's brick-and-mortar restaurant offers customers plenty of delicious options using local ingredients from companies such as Houston Dairymaids' cheeses, Broken Arrow Ranch venison sausage and Bravado Spice hot sauce.

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Anthony Calleo at Pi Pizza.

“When we opened the brick-and-mortar, we promised our guests four things: quality pizza, delivery, late night delivery and rotating, specialty pizzas,” said owner and chef, Anthony Calleo. “Now we are meeting that final promise with the monthly rotating, specialty pizzas. The ever-changing menu at the truck was something that was integral to the concept, and it’s important to me that the restaurant pay homage to and reflects that in some way.”

So what can you expect to find this month on the specialty menu? Look for The Sports Bar Bar, with its blue cheese cream sauce base that's topped with a mozzarella and Provolone cheese blend, Buffalo chicken and a garnish of fresh celery. Matt’s Day Out is topped with delicious Port wine cherries, Pure Luck Farm & Dairy black pepper chèvre, and pancetta. But Paneer Death Experience is the choice that has us most excited, not least for its word play. This pizza starts with a base of turmeric cream sauce and is topped with curried spinach and mustard greens, Calleo's standard mozzarella and Provolone blend and the titular Indian paneer cheese. What will next month bring? We can't wait for a bite.

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