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Taste a Preview of Your New Favorite Gelato This Sunday at Morningstar

Austin's Dolce Neve will pop up in anticipation of its new location in the Heights.

By Rafa Farihah February 16, 2017

Dolceneve kl373w

Farmers market ingredients fill the gelato at Dolce Neve.

Rich, creamy frozen treats straight from the heart of Sicily sound like just the ticket in this unseasonably warm Houston winter. Finding authentic, farm-to-table gelato in the Bayou City isn't always easy, though. But that's about to change.

The dessert, lower in fat than ice cream but just as rich, is coming to the Heights this spring in the form of Dolce Neve. For some, the esteemed gelateria's reputation precedes it. Never had the chance to travel to the state capital for a taste? Don’t worry. Dolce Neve is making an appearance at coffee-and-doughnut temple Morningstar on Feb. 19 from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, February 19, to give us a pre-opening sneak peek.

At the Austin store, organic hazelnut, pistachio, and tiramisu are among 18 bold flavors served, and may be among the selection on Sunday. All of Dolce Neve's gelato is made using ingredients from local farms, prepared using traditional Italian techniques.

Dolceneve z3hbes

A rendering of the upcoming Dolce Neve shop.

Longtime buddies David Buehrer of Morningstar and Marco Silvestrini of Dolce Neve are collaborating to bring the premium delicacies to Houston. Buehrer was influential in procuring Dolce Neve’s soon-to-open location at 4721 North Main Street—the same shopping center as Morningstar. The building will also soon to be home to a second location of Vietnamese pub Hughie's, in the space where Foreign Correspondents served its final meal late last year. We're already planning food crawls beginning with a doughnut and coffee, followed by a banh mi and beer and ending with some gelato.

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