State of Grace Introduces Sunday Supper Menu

Look for the inexpensive, family-style dinner option starting on April 23.

By Nath Pizzolatto April 18, 2017

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Beginning April 23, State of Grace will offer a new option for Sunday dinner. The restaurant's standard dinner menu will be replaced with the Sunday Supper menu, meant to encourage family-style, communal dining.

State of Grace executive chef Bobby Matos says the idea sprang from a sense of tradition and family shared between him and the restaurant's founder, Atlanta-based celebrity chef and Houston native Ford Fry. “State of Grace was created as Ford Fry’s tribute to Houston and his childhood in Texas where many memories were made around the table," he explains. "Similarly, my upbringing in California centered around my grandmother’s kitchen, sharing delicious meals as a family. With Sunday Supper, we hope to recreate this special experience for our guests, and provide a setting for quality family time at the end of the week."

While the dishes offered at the Sunday Supper will rotate frequently, the first menu is includes plenty of choices. The meat options comprise chicken fried steak, fried chicken, blackened Texas redfish, venison-and-bacon meatball, Gulf oyster stew, and for an extra $10, T-Bone à la Hoffbreau. The side options are macaroni and cheese; rice dressing; whipped potatoes; “sweet, spicy, smokey” greens; a squash and spring onion casserole; parsleyed egg noodles; crispy Brussels sprouts; and broccoli salad.

For $29 a person, each guest at the table will choose a meat option, and the table as a whole will select three sides. The Sunday Supper also comes with appetizers of butter biscuits with jam and shaved country ham, followed by a salad “of the moment” with greens and market vegetables, and dessert—on the first menu, it's a pecan ball with hot fudge.

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