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First Bite: Piggy's Kitchen & Bar

We check out the Creek Group's latest endeavor.

By Beth Levine May 11, 2017

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Brussels sprout tacos—vegetarian despite the piggy.

The Creek Group has been helping to keep Houstonians' stomachs happy for quite some time now. Their staples Onion Creek and Cedar Creek have been Heights favorites and are almost always busy. Just this past month, the group rolled out its latest concept, in the coveted former Daily Review spot over on Lamar, Piggy’s Kitchen & Bar. We were lucky enough to grab a table during opening weekend and see what the newest entry from the Creek had to offer. For those of you familiar with this spot, it is a beautiful space with a great outdoor patio and vibe. Piggy’s has done a great job of redesigning the interiors so that everything has a similarly aligned feel but with sleeker components mixed of metal, wood and marble, paired with the comfort of checkered banquettes (just check out this pic from Houstonia contributor Jakeisha Wilmore). We noticed it feels more spacious inside as well. On the night we chose to visit Piggy’s, it was incredibly windy, so we didn’t sit outside, but the outdoor space just as inviting as the indoor one.

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Though the full menu wasn't yet available, I went with a trio of sharing plates: the meatballs in spicy piperade with goat cheese gratin, confit chicken wings, and the vegetarian Brussels sprouts and cauliflower street tacos. I was a little iffy about the meatballs at first, as I don’t normally order meatballs unless I am at an Italian restaurant (I am a bit of a meatball snob), but the goat cheese sold me. Served with a side of bread that was perfect for dipping into the spicy, but not too spicy, piperade sauce, I was glad we went with this choice. The meatballs were a good size per meatball and the order had enough for us to each have a decent-sized portion.

I am a huge Brussels sprout fan, but I was still surprised by just how good the tacos were. The taco shells were made from potatoes, which I wasn't expecting, and the whole dish had a really good undercurrent of balsamic vinegar mixed with touches of sweetness. For a vegetarian dish, this really delivered on taste.

Cocktails byyeo1

No Creek dining experience is complete without a good drink.

I have been eating a lot of chicken wings lately, and I think the last three places I ate at all had an Asian-inspired chicken wing selection on the menu. Piggy’s nailed this one as it was by far my favorite dish of all three we tried. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender (I didn’t even have to use a knife), spiced just right and the leftovers were fantastic in the morning, even cold.

As no Creek dining experience is complete without a good drink to accompany it, let’s take a moment to look at the drink and cocktail menu. We got what was a very healthy pour of pinot noir and two of their signature whisky drinks, Piggy's Old Fashioned. While they are still putting some of the finishing touches on their cocktail program with choices like Blackberry Collins and Cucumber Gimlets already on the menu, you are sure to find something you like.

As noted, Piggy’s is still rolling out the rest of their menu (they just started serving brunch and the full menu should roll by the end of May) but if you can get in now, grab a seat and start sampling.

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