Follow These 5 Houston Foodstagrams

No like words? Here's the easiest way to consume local food content.

By Bianca Rodriguez June 19, 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an 11-letter hashtag certainly isn't enough describe the photos tagged #foodstagram. In the age of swipes and likes, Instagram accounts dedicated to food have cultivated a following of their own. One of the top food accounts, @buzzfeedtasty, boasts 11.6 million followers for its roundly adored recipe videos.

If cooking videos aren’t your thing, simple photos of foods being served in local restaurants may be enough to whet your palate. With summer well on its way and our taste buds and schedules clearer, these are the food Instagram feeds we'll be following for hints that will keep us hungry all season.

1) @boomtownbites

@boomtownbites is a certified fry-aholic, and he doesn’t just state it, he shows it. From burgers to bagels, his Instagram followers have seen it all, in HQ photos of course. Using more than just a mobile phone, @boomtownbites captures the sweet grease and flavor all from the lens of his own camera. One glance of his profile and you’ll be asking, "Can I have fries with that?"

2) @bestfoodhouston

@bestfoodhouston is a Houston foodstagram powered by the #MyFab5Community. Most of their photos are submissions from local followers. This allows a wide range of types of food to be highlighted from diverse areas of Houston.

3) @texasfoodgawker

While most of @texasfoodgawker's posts are not based in Houston, she's great to follow for the best bites in Austin and Dallas. Checking out her pictures will prepare anyone for a trip to Texas' other major cities. 


chicken mole pizza | second bar + kitchen | austin, tx 📷: @han_vs_wild

A post shared by #texasfoodgawker (@texasfoodgawker) on

 4)  @hipster_hotspots

@hipster_hotspots is great for people who like a minimalistic look at food. This accounts shows off big flavor but without the edited, high-contrast side of most food Instagrams. The feed also showcases her life beyond the table, giving her Instagram a bit of color.

5) @thehungrypetite

The hungry petite is based in Houston but also features some shots from New York City. The mix between the two is a good combination for those who travel and those who aspire to. The account has some big city flair, but keeps the tastes of the South fully on display.

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