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Which Day of the Week Has the Best Steak Night?

Looking to eat steak in a bar? Here's how to do it.

By Beth Levine June 26, 2017

Volcano mdvdts

There's no lack of mashed potatoes at Under the Volcano.

Image: Ben Eaton

Texans sure do love their steaks, and Houstonians love a deal almost as much. Joining these two loves, website Houston’s Steak Night compiles almost every steak night in town, sorts them by days of the week (Monday through Thursday) and rates them for you (thanks guys!). We decided to sample the locations listed as tops on each night and give you our take on getting a great deal and a great steak. 

Monday: Under The Volcano

A Rice Village institution, Under the Volcano is tucked away over on the corner of Bissonnet and Morningside. With a Día De Los Muertos theme, this bar is known for its frozen beverages and eclectic menu. Items range from Mexican street tacos to hummus and the restaurant just started weekend brunch service. On Monday, though, $17 buys you a starter salad, a 16-ounce ribeye and garlic mashed potatoes, plus $5 off all bottled wine.


  • Vegetable: Most of the other salads on the nights we sampled were on the same plate as the steak, and it was nice to have it separated so that the steak's juice did not make the salad wet. Very good.
  • Starch: The garlic mashed potatoes were a very generous helping. They were a little too garlicky for our taste, but you can mix it with the steak juice to cut the garlic a bit. Want more? You can also get an extra scoop for $2.
  • Steak: This was a surprisingly good steak. It was cooked to our requested medium rare, which some steak nights end up cooking to well, and came out fast and was not too fatty.
  • Pro Tip: Come before 10 p.m. and sit inside if you can. 

Tuesday: The Gorgeous Gael

Mostly known for their Irish themed menu, the Gael, also in Rice Village, boasts a 12-ounce ribeye with two sides for $18. Most times they also feature live music on Tuesdays, so live entertainment comes with your meal.


  • Vegetable: We thought the bacon green beans were overcooked, but other diners seem to really like them, so you might too.
  • Starch: The au gratin potatoes stood strong with a decent helping of cheese.
  • Steak: This was one damn good steak. Perhaps it’s the Sriracha compound butter, but it was deliciously decadent and cooked right.
  • Pro Tip: Even on a Tuesday parking in Rice Village can be scarce, so come on the early side. 
Sterlinghouse nuvvdx

Extra points for the mac 'n' cheese option.

Image: Beth Levine

Wednesday: Sterling House

Located inside a renovated house on Bagby Street, there is always something happening at this relatively new Midtown destination. It was our first time at Sterling House, so while we sat outside on the lower patio, we also scoped out the upstairs bar for future visits. They offer a 16-ounce ribeye with asparagus and your choice of two sides, including homemade mac 'n' cheese or triple-cooked fries, for $20.


  • Vegetable: We were not the biggest fans of the asparagus, but newcomer on the scene, chef Matt King, sat down with us afterward and is already working on revamping the vegetable selections for his steak night.
  • Starch: Perhaps it is the tempura batter, maybe the triple frying, but these were some of the best fries we have ever had. They were the first thing to disappear from our plates. The mac was also gone quickly.
  • Steak: There is a reason this place rates so highly—they cook a mean steak. Working with a very small kitchen, King is extremely picky with his meat choice (which is great for us) and everything arrives fresh that day.
  • Pro Tip: This is a big meal, so come hungry.
Harp y8puk8

The Harp offers two chances each week to take part in steak night.

Image: Beth Levine

Thursday:  The Harp

The Harp takes the top spot on both Monday and Thursday on Houston's Steak Night thanks to grill master Bryan Hawes. He also cooks at Pimlico Irish Pub, which comes in third among Tuesday night dinners on the site. This is one of the few steak nights that also offers pork chops, lamb and other meaty selections, but here is our rundown on the steak.


  • Vegetable: Not everyone is a fan of cold pasta salad, especially when it's the the closest thing you have to a veggie. Nonetheless, it was nice to have a cold side for a change.
  • Starch: The jalapeño-cheddar mashed potatoes are made fresh daily on site by Hawes and his team. The freshness shows, as do the quality ingredients, as these were some of the creamiest and best mashed potatoes we sampled in our Steak-Off.
  • Steak: Hawes takes grilling very seriously and it shows. The 12-ounce boneless ribeye was just the right amount of pink, and the homemade “Meat Mojo” seasoning is worth buying some to have in your own kitchen at home.
  • Pro Tip: While The Harp takes cards, Hawes and his team only take cash, ranging from $13 for the Pork Chops to $32 for a full rack of lamb. The steak dinner is $18, so come prepared.
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