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The Clock Is Ticking to Get Houston Food Bank Holiday Cards

Make a donation for the person who has everything.

By Cory Garcia December 14, 2017

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This is but one of your options for a Houston Food Bank honor card.

Christmas shopping crunch time isn't here yet, but it will be soon. Maybe you're not feeling the pressure now, but once Monday rolls around and it sinks in that Christmas is literally a week away you'll feel it.

Soon you'll be debating which day is best to hit the Galleria, trying to figure out how much you really love your siblings and cursing that one person in your life that is just impossible to shop for. The struggle is real, we know, and while we can only make completely uneducated guesses about the first two—Tuesday sounds as good a day as any, you love your siblings enough to post their photos when #SiblingAppreciationDay rolls around—the Houston Food Bank has a pretty good option for your third problem. 

Even if Houston hadn't dealt with one of the worst natural disasters in history this year, there would still be those in our community that need help. Harvey just made 2017 that much tougher. But there are good people in this city doing the hard work to help out, including the good folks over at the Houston Food Bank. For every one dollar they get they can provide three meals to someone who needs it. That's incredible. 

If you're still struggling to figure out what to give the person that has everything or the person who you can never read when they open their gifts, consider making a donation in their honor and getting them a nifty Houston Food Bank holiday card to go along with it. A $10 honor card means 30 meals and a gift that'll probably go over better than whatever you grab on your Christmas Eve panic buying spree. Can't go in on $10? You can send a digital card for $5, which you know they'll get because they never put their phone down. And if you've already got the perfect card, you can get a tribute insert to put in it for $5 to let them know the Houston Food Bank appreciates the monetary gift. 

Want to make sure the honor card arrives in time for Christmas? Better move fast as the deadline is tomorrow, December 15. You can get all the details over at the Houston Food Bank's website. Think of it not just as an investment in your community, but in Future You scrambling to finish shopping next week. Future You now has one less person to worry about. Future You appreciates Current You having their back. 

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