Cookie Time

Elevate Your Cookie Party With Lee Creamery's 'I Got Baked'

Get the famous flavor straight from your oven.

By Cory Garcia December 13, 2017

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Just think, you could have these cookies come out of your oven.

Cookie parties rule. While you have plenty of options when it comes to hosting a holiday get-together, the cookie party is really the best way to go. Host a holiday meal? You're just going to end up with a messy kitchen that doesn't get cleaned for weeks because you're too busy shopping on top of all your other responsibilities. Throw a white elephant? Either someone is going to get their feelings hurt when they don't end up with the gift they want or someone is going to end up offended because what they thought was going to be a PG-13 experience ends up rated XXX because you've got that friend that takes things too far. 

So, again I say: cookie parties rule. If your holiday gathering is, like so many things over the month of December, an excuse for some social drinking, a selection of cookies goes a long way to keep things from getting rowdy. Cookies are also a great snack for anyone who gets a little too deep into their feelings after a glass or four of wine. Plus, you get to cover your cookies with a wide array of frostings and sprinkles, so it's like an edible art class, and you did say at the start of the year you wanted to be more creative in 2017.  

Now sure, you could go to the store and buy what you need to make cookie dough so that each individual cookie has that little bit of love that goes into all baked goods—sorry, I've been watching a lot of the Great British Baking Show lately—but that sounds like a whole lot of work for a lot of people who are going to wake up with headaches the next morning. Fear not, for Lee's Creamery has your back with their new ready-to-bake cookie line, I Got Baked. 

Yes, you can avoid the headaches of an extra trip to the grocery store and swing by Petite Sweets to provide you and yours with the warm glow of fresh baked cookies without having to get your hands dirty. Your flavor options are chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin and white chocolate macadamia and feature the same recipes that Petite uses. As an added bonus, each tub of 12 cookies comes with a sheet of parchment paper, because no one wants cookie night ruined with cookies stuck to a hot baking sheet. 

Each tub will set you back $24 and are on sale now. And hey, don't feel like you have to throw a party to bake cookies. If you want a chocolate chunk cookie because it's Wednesday night and it's just something you need in your life, you grab that tub and make yourself a cookie. You're worth it. 

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