All Hail!

Get the King Burger at Guru Burger & Crepes

This peanut butter and jelly burger works for royalty and peasants alike.

By Cory Garcia January 23, 2018

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What lurks at the heart of The King? Peanut butter.

Image: Cory Garcia

I've always been a bit of a burger purist. Other than the occasional slice of bacon or dollop of ketchup, I'm a meat and bun sort of guy, more likely to give cheese the side-eye treatment instead of a warm embrace. It's not that I'm opposed to bigger built burgers, it's just most of the time if I want to eat a burger it's because I'm in the mood for meat and opposed to anything that gets in my way. 

Guru Burger & Crepes is a place that shouldn't be my speed. We're talking about a menu that doesn't lead off with a regular burger and then builds from there. Sure, they have the Royale With Cheese, their take on the straight-up cheeseburger, but it's in the mix with burgers featuring ginger honey glazed salmon, natural Texas pecan smoked ham, and homemade walnut pesto. It can all be a bit overwhelming, and that's not including the crepes part of the menu. 

It made me admire Guru. Their dedication to new burger horizons is impressive, and I'd much rather see a menu with a bunch of wild ideas than a couple of run-of-the-mill burgers and one gimmicky option.  

At the bottom of the menu, I spotted something that I couldn't pass up, even if it went against everything I feel about burgers. They call it The King, and it features an Akaushi beef patty, creamy peanut butter, hickory smoked bacon and grape preserve. A peanut butter and jelly burger? There's no way that could work, right? 

The King left your humble burger fan all shook up with its winning combination of flavors. It's not a burger in which one element is the star and the rest of the ingredients are playing supporting roles; this is a true team, in which every element stands together to make something special. The beef patty is excellent, deep and meaty. The bacon is not too crisp and not too limp, adding an extra layer of richness without drawing too much attention to itself.  

The peanut butter substitutes for the cheese component in the dish, and while my burger had maybe a little too much of it—I can't deny that in terms of taste it delivered. It added a nice saltiness while also providing an interesting texture.  

The MVP of the burger was the grape preserve. The King could have been a heavy burger, but the sweetness that the preserve brought to the party kept that feeling at bay. 

When I was done, I was stuffed but content. The King might not have convinced me to repent from my humble burger beliefs, but it did show me that every now and then it's OK to walk on the wild side.  

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