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Know Your Build-Your-Own-Pizza Restaurant Options

The fast-casual pizza revolution is here for whatever mood strikes you.

By Cory Garcia February 12, 2018

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Look at this giant.

Image: Cory Garcia

While I don't define my love of pizza as a personality quirk—which is to say, pizza is totes not bae, or something—I will confess that I eat pizza or some variant of pizza almost every day. As such, the recent rise in fast casual pizza spots has been a joy for me. Sometimes you want pizza without having to call ahead, hit the buffet or settle for what goes as the "lunch special."  

Out in Westchase, three of these build-your-own-pizza spots have popped up, and it's likely you've seen them in your part of the city as well. Different spots serve different needs, and each excels in their own area. With Hot Toppings gone to that big food court in the sky, here's what to look for next time you want your pizza fast. 

Blaze Pizza: The Best Bang For Your Buck 

You might be taken aback when you pick up your pizza at Blaze. You'll head back to your table, set it down in front of you—then stare at the monster you've created. Whether you go hard and eat the entire thing in a sitting or split it into a pair of meals, you won't go away hungry from Blaze. While the flavors don't quite pop the way that they do at their competitors, it's a fine enough pizza at a good price, especially if you're only looking for one or two toppings.  

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MOD Pizza has the look, from the walls to the pizza.

Image: Cory Garcia

MOD Pizza: The Best Atmosphere 

MOD has their gimmick down. Simple choices, smiling faces behind the counter, a bright space and playful decoration mean that MOD is a good place to be, even when the lunch line starts to grow. In terms of flavor, MOD holds its own, and going with the "one price" method of pizza ordering means you can go hard in the paint on your toppings without paying more for it. Also, their garlic strips are simple and delicious, and make for a great shared side if you're eating with company. 

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It may be rough around the edges, but you won't notice once you start eating.

Image: Cory Garcia

Top It Pizza: The Best Taste

Houston's own entry into the market, Top It serves up a great tasting pizza that gets to your table faster than the competition thanks to their use of a conveyor-belt-style oven. Sure, it's not wood-fired, but I've never had a bad crust. I prefer the thin crust, but they also have a regular option that's good too in any of the pizzas I've had. Add in some garlic butter on the crust for a little extra pop and settle in for a pizza that can stand toe to toe with any in the city in the flavor department. 

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