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Our Latest Obsession: Milk • Cream’s Bun

The Milk & Cream buns may not be fancy, but they pack in a bunch of flavor.

By Cory Garcia February 14, 2018

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Simple but delicious.

Image: Cory Garcia

For my money, “cereal milk” has long been the most under-appreciated flavor in the realm of desserts. Although it’s finally starting to get some love over the past few years, I don’t understand how previous generations who love to brag about eating cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons, and thus who know about the magic of cereal milk, have ignored the many possibilities when it comes to the integrating the flavor of cereal milk into their desserts.

Which is to say when I heard a rumor that Milk • Cream was serving up cereal milk ice cream, I knew that I had to go check it out for myself. What I found was not only a new ice cream to love, but maybe my new favorite dessert in the city.

Milk • Cream’s thing is their Milk & Cream Buns, and oh do I have a crush on them. It’s a straightforward beauty: you take a warm doughnut, slice it into two “buns,” put ice cream in the middle and add some toppings. I know in text it sounds mundane, because ice cream + doughnuts isn’t new, yet somehow their simple bun comes together in a way that’s just stellar.

It’s starts with the doughnut itself. While you have the option for one that is glazed, go with the unglazed; with the doughnut, ice cream and topping, you don’t need to invite any extra sugar to the party. The doughnut has a good flavor that serves as an excellent base for the ice cream; you know it’s there, you know it’s good, but it’s not fighting for attention. It also plays with the temperature of the dessert in a neat way; it starts off warm, melting the ice cream slightly and making it easier to eat, then slowly cools down, giving your fingers time to acclimate to the chill of the ice cream.

While I haven’t explored the ice cream options fully yet, the cereal milk ice cream is a winner. In tandem with the doughnut, the flavor profile is just different enough to not feel like you’re just eating a weird vanilla doughnut. The topping options include a few cereals, and going with those help to enhance the experience as well.

Milk • Cream is a simple space with a simple product at its core. Other than an Instagram wall, there’s not much to look at, but that’s OK. The bun is often colorful enough, if you can keep yourself from devouring it too fast.

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