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Harvey Closed Their Doors, But The Cajun Stop Has Bounced Back

The repairs are over and Cajun Stop is ready to serve.

By Joanna O'Leary March 26, 2018

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Look at all that goodness.

Hurricane Harvey wasn’t kind to The Cajun Stop, which sustained water damage significant enough to necessitate shuttering its doors for repairs. But, they’re back, baby, serving up all manner of Louisiana comfort food in a renovated shining EaDo storefront.

Business is booming almost to a fault, for on a recent night I was on hold for a minute before being able to place my to-go order. I will gladly tolerate such minor inconveniences, however, because their product is just so damn good.

First, see their po'boys, a staple for any Cajun restaurant. This ostensibly simple sandwich traditionally stuffed with fried shellfish or roast beef is difficult (in theory) to execute outside of New Orleans, which allegedly proffers the ideal humidity levels for producing the signature chewy bread. Strong evidence that Houston’s humidity can hold its own against that of NOLA can be seen in the fact that The Cajun Stop’s supple rolls are up to par with those I’ve tasted at the best po'boy shops in the Crescent City. I adore The Cajun Stop’s roast beef po'boy (with debris) but I’m also partial to the large fried oyster po'boy loaded more than a dozen crispy briny battered bivalves. The best of both worlds can be held if you order Dylan's “Surf and Turf” which combines fried prawns with the juicy roast beef.

While the po'boys, boiled and fried seafood platters, and earthy dark roux gumbo with shrimp, oysters, and sausage served over white rice are the clear show-stoppers on The Cajun Stop's menu, there are other smaller bites worth sampling. The Cajun fried frog legs don't taste like chicken, but I like them nonetheless, especially with a double side of house “krack” sauce. Cajun fries with cheese and brown gravy are hearty enough to serve as a meal on their own, so share lest you get too distracted from your main event.

Although a swift delivery service means such fare can be lazily enjoyed in the midst of a Sunday Netflix binge, The Cajun Stop's seasonal crawfish and suds specials make it worth your while to sit and rest a spell. In the past they’ve offered additional discounts during Astros games, rendering them a terrific way to fuel up or wind down before or after hitting Minute Maid Park. And service when you do dine in-house comes not only with a smile but also with Wi-Fi assistance from the helpful counter staff should you need to do some work and have trouble handling complicated passwords.

So, yeah, Cajun Stop, to answer your command: I'll Eat Dat.

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