Candy Sneakers

Win a Gummi Replica of James Harden's Sneakers

Yes, we're serious.

By Cory Garcia March 23, 2018

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These are real and they can be yours depending on how lucky you are.

It’s rare that the worlds of sneakerheads and gummi fanatics converge, but Houston is the City With No Limits, which means anything can and occasionally does happen. Which is to say, today we’re talking about some very unique pairs of sneakers that could be yours if you’ve very lucky and are willing to take a $5 chance to own them.

The off-the-court teamup of James Harden and Trolli has been an interesting one, which is to be expected from a candy company whose URL is Odds are you have seen the first of their collaborations, the Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards, because if you’re working with James Harden on something, odds are pretty good they’ll involve The Beard somehow, someway.

Harden and Trolli released a second candy earlier this month, the Sour Brite Sneaks, which look exactly like how you might imagine a pair of sour gummi sneakers to look. Now, imagine those same sneakers, but instead of fitting in the palm of your hand they were the size of your feet. Not necessarily a lot of sneaker, but certainly a whole lot of gummi. Imagine no more, because thanks to a raffle benefiting 3 The Harden Way you could win one of three pairs of, no joke, life-sized Harden Harden Vol. 2’s that just happen to be made of Trolli Sour Brite gummies.

Yes, that means if you win you can eat the shoes.

3 The Harden Way is a non-profit that is “dedicated to bridging economic and educational gaps in the Houston Metropolitan Area by providing academic financial support to high achieving students demonstrating leadership within communities facing economic hardship.” And for the low price of $5 (available here) you can enter the raffle that benefits the group and enters you for a chance to win either the strawberry/blackberry, lemon/berry punch, or lime/raspberry sneakers in a custom box, along with a certificate of authenticity, a pair of non-gummi sneakers autographed by Harden and whole bunch of sour gummies, if you’re passing on eating the grand prize (or the sneakers are not enough to sate your desire for gummies).

The only question I have—and please reach out if you’re one of the lucky winners to let me know—is how does one properly store a pair of life-size sneakers made of gummies? I suspect if I owned something so… unique, I’d likely end up building some sort of shrine that would both show them off and keep them from getting gross, but that’s just me. Maybe you’ll just eat them to say you did. I don’t know your life.

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