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Lone Star Beer Wants to Preserve the Dance Halls of Texas

Drink a Lone Star and raise some money for Texas history through the end of next month.

By Cory Garcia March 20, 2018

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If you see this boot, drop in a Lone Star tab or cap.

The modern music venue has everything a music fan could want: state of the art sound systems, air conditioning, and, in more than a few cases, pretty solid food and beverage programs. We’re lucky to live in a city with venues of pretty much every size for all our concert needs. But drive out past the city limits, beyond the suburbs, and there’s a history of live music in Texas that stretches back decades, with buildings like Schroeder Dance Hall in Goliad still standing and hosting shows today.

As you can imagine, keeping history in shape isn’t easy or cheap, but thankfully Texas Dance Hall Preservation Inc. is doing what it can to save the dance halls of Texas and the history that they hold. Helping them in that mission from now until April 30 is Lone Star Beer, which is planning on donating one dollar to the cause for every Lone Star tab and cap deposited in special acrylic cowboy boots located in bars and dance halls around the state.

“Our goal is to raise public awareness about historic old halls, many of which have already been lost and many more are still at risk,” said Elkin Vasco, brand manager of Lone Star Brewing Co., in a press release.

Maybe it’s just the post-RodeoHouston afterglow that has me feeling this way, but this does seem like a pretty good reason to crack open a Lone Star or two. Texas culture comes in many shapes and many forms, and to think that there are dance floors out there that have hosted generations of boot-wearing folks looking for a good night out is something that I marvel at. It’s a connection to our past, often off the beaten paths, that’s worth keeping around for a bit longer.

The boots are in the process of being rolled out, so keep an eye open to see if one pops up in your favorite drinking spot of choice and elsewhere across the state.

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