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Rodeo Goat Ice House Is Slinging Burgers in EaDo

Because you've always wanted to eat a burger named after Marvin Zindler.

By Cory Garcia March 27, 2018

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A burger and goat chips.

Image: Cory Garcia

If ever there was a Dallas concept screaming to make its way to Houston, it’s Rodeo Goat Ice House. Don’t believe me? Look no further than the giant poster hanging in the new EaDo burger spot advertising the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo circa the late ‘80s.

Now in their soft opening phase, the first thing you’re likely to hear about Rodeo Goat is the names of their burgers that pay tribute to their new home, including the Marvin Zindler burger, the Love Ya Blue burger, and a burger named after ZZ Top guitar icon Billy Gibbons. The variety of burgers is impressive, with toppings like blue cheese slaw, garlic-roasted cremini mushrooms, Irish whiskey cheddar, and kalamata olive tapenade being just a few of the options spread out across the menu.

44 Farms is supplying the beef for these burgers, typically cooked medium well and a bit on the messy side, but in a good way. Although I’m more of a flat patty person, I was happy with the size of the beef, a happy medium thickness that was satisfying without being too heavy for a lunch break. I ordered mine with a side of their Goat Chips, a house-made potato chip enhanced with brown sugar and paprika. Hit them with just a bit of salt and you have a sidekick that’s flavorful in a subtle way—you taste the sweet, but it’s not in your face.

Rodeo Goat was at its most rodeo-y with its desserts. They’ve got milkshake options and goat balls (brie-stuffed dough with blackberry compote), and in the spirit of the recently ended RodeoHouston I went with the fried chocolate pie. Forget the pudding-stuffed glazed creation you’d pick up from a gas station—this pie has a flavor closer to a good hot chocolate with a looser texture. Get some ice cream to accompany it and it’s a pure delight.

If you’re a burger explorer, you’re going to want to make your way over to Rodeo Goat sooner rather than later to begin your march through their wide world of burgers. Rodeo Goat opens at 11 a.m. every day at 2118 Lamar Street, with seating indoors and out for those who want to make the most of the weather before Houston becomes Houston in the Summer.

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