All Good Things Come To An End

With a Boomtown Refresh Coming, The Honeymoon Is Almost Over

Boomtown Coffee is making their way downtown, taking over The Honeymoon.

By Cory Garcia March 9, 2018

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It was beautiful while it lasted.

If you’ve been planning to snap a few engagement photos under the sign outside The Honeymoon Café & Bar, you may need to move up your photo shoot. Boomtown Coffee, known for supplying the beans to a growing collection of coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses, in addition to their own spot in the Heights, has recently taken full control of the space at 300 Main Street, and change is in the air. What that means is that the clock is ticking for The Honeymoon, soon to be reborn as Boomtown Coffee Main St. Café & Bar.

While the name is going away and the space is being refreshed, not everything is being changed. According to a press release, parts of The Honeymoon menu will still be available, and you’ll still be able to get cocktails from the bar featuring coffee and tea. Joining that lineup will be the Boomtown taco, along with other edible treats you might find at the original Heights location of Boomtown Coffee.

The refreshment starts the evening of March 18—a week from this Sunday —and is scheduled to last a week. Boomtown is planning on a soft reopening Saturday, March 24, in time for the sixth anniversary of the original Heights location. We are eager to see how the new food menu stacks up; in the past, The Honeymoon made our list of best brunches before 11 a.m.

So yes, snap your photos, enjoy brunch and grab a drink while you can. The Honeymoon is (almost) over, but what a great time it was.

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