A Very Vegan Fest

Is Houston Ready For Vegandale's Vegan Utopia?

A vegan food festival is coming to Houston this June.

By Cory Garcia March 14, 2018

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You can get all manner of vegan eats at Vegandale Food Drink Fest.

Not to beat a dead cow, but most Houstonians love their meat. Sure, we eat our share of salads, fried veggies, and other green things, but as long as there are cows and pigs and chickens odds are we’ll be defined partially by our relationship to meat. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t celebrate the non-meat foods of the world, or at least that’s what Vegandale Food Drink Festival is hoping.

Born in the Great White North—Toronto, to be precise—Vegandale is a vegan festival that spread from Canada to the States, bringing in thousands of vegan food fans in Chicago and New York. They’re continuing to take their vegan block party on the road in 2018, and their latest expansion plans have them coming to Houston in a few months.

“We’re ready to move one step closer to world vegan domination with our upcoming festival season,” said Hellenic Vincent De Paul, one of the minds behind Vegandale, in a press release. When looked at things from that perspective, coming to Houston makes a weird sort of sense; if Vegandale can go over big in Houston, odds are it’ll do well anywhere.

Promising “[s]ky-high burgers, creamy bowls of mac n’ cheese, and epic brownie sundaes,” Vegandale is set to arrive in Houston Saturday, June 2, over at Sam Houston Park. If that date feels familiar for some reason, that’s probably because it’s the weekend that Free Press Summer Fest would typically take place, before the In Bloom rebrand. Yes, not only is Vegandale brave enough to come to Houston, they’re brave enough to drop in during a notoriously weird weather weekend for the city. Even the most hearty meat-eater has to respect that kind of moxie.

Early bird tickets for Vegandale are on sale now over at their website. Start crossing your fingers now for good weather.

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