Goodbye, Beautiful

Ciao Bello Has Closed

It's the second concept from legendary restaurateur Tony Vallone to close this month.

By Timothy Malcolm August 2, 2018

Tony's is all that remains as a testament to Tony Vallone's pasta.

For the second time in a month, a Tony Vallone restaurant has closed its doors.

According to a report by Eater, Ciao Bello in the Uptown area shut down after dinner service Wednesday evening. The restaurant, which was known as a lighter version of Vallone's landmark Tony's, opened in 2009 and was known for more than a few comforting plates of house-made pastas.

"For nine years Ciao Bello has been a neighborhood staple providing high quality Italian food in a warm atmosphere. It is through our great team and loyal guest that we have had such a tremendous run. It saddens us to say, that run has come to its end," reads a statement on the Ciao Bello Facebook page. "Tony and Scott have decided to solely focus on Tony’s and its growth and evolution for years to come. Thanks to all those who have supported Ciao Bello over the years and so many thanks to our Ciao Bello family."

The closing of Ciao Bello comes about two weeks after the shuttering of Vallone's, the eponymous steakhouse that opened in 2013. 

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