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3 Spots For Fall and Halloween Doughnut Delights

Get your hands on these goodies, from boo-berry to pumpkin cheesecake.

By Timothy Malcolm October 9, 2018

In other parts of the country, fall is an overwhelming way of life: cozy sweaters, spiced beverages, falling leaves, and cool breezes. Not so much here.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the season. Some local bakeries have decided 80-degree days shouldn’t stop us from biting into warm, soft fall-themed doughnuts. We’re eternally grateful for this (though if any shops out there want to make some apple cider doughnuts, we'll be signing your praises forever).

Here’s how to get in on some doughnut action this fall:


As if you needed more reasons to love the Heights coffee shop, it has been rolling out Halloween-themed doughnuts every Monday and Tuesday this month. This week’s include a chocolate spider cake treat with chocolate-covered pretzel legs, and a witches’ cauldron chocolate cake doughnut with coconut pecan frosting center. Toil? Trouble? Just tasty.

Hugs & Donuts

The Heights shop offers a sweet, doughy delight that wouldn't be out of place on the kitchen table with Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose. Here, the earthy flavor of pumpkin mixes perfectly with indulgent cheesecake. If this isn’t enough, the maple bacon, on offer regularly, makes a great (second) dessert doughnut.

Duck Donuts

There's no shortage of fall flavors with this North Carolina-based chain, whose shop at Holcombe and Buffalo Speedway has rolled out a deep collection of beauties for October. Try their seasonal flavors: pumpkin, maple bacon, and apple streusel; for Halloween, purchase a Spooky Box. Flavors include Dirt ‘N Worms and Boo-Berry.

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