Not-So Silent Nights

Beer News: Ingenious Doesn't Stay Quiet During Holiday Week

Plus, Platypus Brewing wants you to celebrate Australia Day

By Timothy Malcolm December 28, 2018

It’s Friday. We’ll be giving you news from beer land every Friday. Cheers.

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The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is a dead zone in a lot of industries, and craft beverage is (sort of) one of them. Most breweries took a little time off this week and relaxed their events schedules, but as always, there were a few spots not satisfied with settling down for a day or two. If you're getting into the beer scene locally, make this the week you visit a new taproom. Try a few fresh beers and finish your 2018 Untappd badge collection efforts on a high note. 

News & Events

Copperheard Brewery dropped a fun note on Thursday: a version of its imperial stout King of Terrors, but aged in Four Roses bourbon barrels, is coming in 2019, along with imperial stout Black Venom aged in Willett rye barrels. This isn't the first time either beer has been aged in barrels by the brewery.

Celebrate the land down under with Platypus Brewing on Jan. 26. That's Australia Day, which marks the arrival of British ships on the continent in 1788, and is typically full of parties and gatherings, much like our Independence Day. Details to come about the Platypus party, but expect a special release, meat pies, and more. 

Still haven't discovered how great Spindletap is at the NEIPA style? The brewery is gonna help you out by making their goods more accessible. Houston Haze, one of its NEIPAs, is becoming a year-round core beer, with six packs hitting stores starting Jan. 2. That's great news.

Brash announced on Wednesday that six packs of its easy-drinking APA EZ-7 were available at the brewery. Maybe there are some left by the time you read this.

New Releases


At Ingenious, which is always releasing new small-batch brews, a bunch of new beers are out. First: Peanut Butter Cookie, an imperial milk stout coming in at 10 percent ABV; Smarty Blue Raspberry Pop, a 6.5 percent ABV sour Berliner weiss with raspberries (part of an ongoing series); and Mango Creamsicle FroYo, a 6.5 percent ABV hazy, creamy beer with orange, vanilla, and mango hits. Also: Smarty Key Lime Pie (6.5 percent ABV, tart with key limes), Coconut Cream Ale (5.2 percent ABV), and Apple Brandy Jacks (13 percent ABV imperial stout aged in brandy barrels). Get 'em in crowlers and growlers.

Saint Arnold has a cask of Sailing Santa, its holiday-themed winter warmer with cinnamon and Cascade hops, at the brewery. It will go quickly.

B-52 and Spindletap collaborated on a hazy, sour IPA called Pocket Terps. This beer was aged for six months in barrels and comes out of hiding Friday at the B-52 taproom. And on Saturday, the brewery unveils a new mixology series effort called Whiskey Sour. That release goes down at the B-52 100 Party (noon-10 p.m. Saturday), which marks the brewery's 100th package beer release of 2018. Food trucks to join. Congrats, guys.

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