Forget regular, old “sports” or “movie” trivia. These highly specific nights are a true test of your level of nerdom. Think you have what it takes? Better start studying.

Under the Radar Brewery

  • Example theme: The Office Halloween episodes
  • Sample question: “In the Halloween episode in season 2, Michael says he wishes the film crew was here last year because he was what for Halloween?”
  • Answer: Janet Jackson's boob
  • Sample team name: Trivia’s Hard. That’s What She Said.
  • How difficult? “There are always softball questions, but it’s gotta be tough,” says host Erika Acosta. “It depends on how knowledgeable you are, and with this show people are really into it.
  • Prize: Redeemable tokens for beer, T-shirts, glassware, and an honest-to-goodness Dundie award .
  • Highlight: People dress up. One guy came in as Michael Scott, complete with bubble wrap around his injured leg. “That was when he got his foot grilled by the George Foreman Grill,” says Acosta. “It was really good.”
  • When to go: 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays 


  • Example theme: Parks and Recreation
  • Sample question: “April asked this side character if she and Andy could adopt her to be their grandmother, to which she half-heartedly replied, fine.”
  • Answer: Ethel Beavers
  • Sample team name: I’m Perd Hapley and This Is Our Trivia Team
  • How difficult? Pretty hard, says host Jon Conner. “For my final round, I like to pick questions that I consider deep cuts and often think, ‘There’s no way anyone is going to get that one,’ and usually multiple teams do.”
  • Prize: First place gets $80 at the bar and a Polaroid that goes on a “wall of fame.” Second place gets $40 at the bar.
  • Highlight: Third place chooses one of two shoeboxes, with the other going to fourth place. One is full of treasure (T-shirts, pint glasses, beer); the other contains literal trash from the bar.
  • When to go: 8 p.m., third Tuesday of the month

Great Heights Brewing

  • Example theme: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (chapters 19–37)
  • Sample question: “What language do goblins use?”
  • Answer: Gobbledegook
  • Sample team name: Snapes on a Plane
  • How difficult: “Compared to every other Harry Potter trivia, we are very, very difficult,” says organizer Faye Fearless. “Because our questions only cover [certain] chapters per month, attendees are expected to re-read the section and study.”
  • Prize: First prize gets tickets to a wand-making class presented by the Worthwich School of Wizardry in Central Texas.
  • Highlight: It’s made by fans, for fans. “It’s a fandom meetup in true form,” says Fearless. “All of our hosts are actual fans of the series, not random muggles.”
  • When to go: It varies; check the Great Heights Facebook page
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