Can These Cake Mixes Turn You Into A Baking Pro?

Tackling Godiva while attempting to not make a fool out of oneself.

By Joanna O'Leary August 26, 2019

Which of these three provides the best cake bang for your buck?

Are you passionate about all things chocolate? Have Cake Wars and other reality shows inspired you to become a master baker? Do you dream of impressing your family and colleagues with complicated, decadent desserts? If you answered "yes" to all the aforementioned questions, but when it comes right down it, you lack the drive to achieve your dreams, Godiva’s got you, my lazy friend.

The famed chocolatier recently debuted a line of baking mixes that promises to help consumers produce four different ultra-premium, cocoa-centric confections: a flourless chocolate torte, a brownie cheesecake, a raspberry chocolate torte, and molten chocolate cakes. I spotted the brownie cheesecake and flourless chocolate torte varieties at Kroger on Buffalo Speedway and tested both to see if they would facilitate me faking some mad baking skills in front of my friends and conduct an objective evaluation of their efficacy.

The flourless chocolate torte required only the addition of melted butter and two eggs and even came with its own special paper pan designed to make the second-to-last-step—inverting the finished baked cake in preparation for the final glaze—so easy that even the clumsiest of food writers could mess it up. I tasted the torte before applying the glaze and found it moist and rich in unadulterated dark chocolate flavor; however, the interior density was more like a thick brownie rather than bona fide flourless cake. The final coating of thick chocolate cream was unnecessary in the best way possible; that is to say, it caused the cake to straddle the line between cloying and exceptional.

I was less enthusiastic about my experience with the brownie cheesecake mix. The bottom brownie layer was fine—eerily similar, in fact, to the “flourless chocolate cake” produced by the aforementioned kit, but the second story of the cheesecake lacked taste and structural integrity. After the requisite cooling period, the cheesecake still crumbled in an unsightly fashion upon slicing. The drizzle of chocolate sauce improved the result somewhat but not enough to transform it into something brag-worthy.

If your luck is better or worse, let us know. But be forewarned: These kits don’t come at Pillsbury prices. Each is just under $6 and serves only four to six people of modest appetites (translation: one to two hangry gals).

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