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How to Do a Montrose Wine Crawl

Two new concepts are just begging you to try that Austrian red. Also that new Napa rosé. Also ...

By Timothy Malcolm August 23, 2019

A standard three-cheese plate with grapes, figs, and bread, along with a nice three-ounce pour of red.

Two new bars have opened in Montrose, and they're separated by just three blocks. One of those bars is Montrose Cheese & Wine—a store, café, and a spot to spend time sipping wine and eating cheese. And Penny Quarter is an all-day café and bar that serves coffee and will soon have a full food menu. 

You know what that means: You can go on a wine crawl in Montrose. Here's how to do it right.

Bring Your Laptop

Are you a freelancer or remote worker that lives on a laptop? Trying to finish that novel? Write poetry? Start your wine crawl at Penny Quarter, which has multiple seating areas to get work done. Grab a cozy chair, or a more formal work table upstairs, and sip on a glass of smooth Austrian zweigelt. (I suggest putting the laptop away for Montrose Cheese & Wine, as I found the experience there is more about one-on-one education and perusal.)

Grab a Pastry

The wine is fantastic at both places, but the pastries are also amazing. Penny Quarter serves croissants from Magnol French Baking, and the hype about them is very real. Over at Montrose Cheese & Wine you can also find Magnol, but it's also making a few of its own delights (the Portuguese egg tart is a swift favorite).

Drink the Coffee, Too

Both places are brewing very good coffee. Montrose Cheese & Wine is working with Greenway Coffee in producing a standard drip, plus espresso, Americano, macchiato, cortado, flat white, cappuccino, and cold brew. The cold brew I had at Penny Quarter was one of the best I've had in the city.

Get Those Wine Deals

You can get inexpensive glasses and bottles at both Montrose Cheese & Wine and Penny Quarter. Penny Quarter offers multiple bottles at the very acceptable price of $49, and the next tier up features a pool of bottles at between $65 and $75. The cheapest glasses here are under $10.

Montrose Cheese & Wine has the same pricing structure for glasses, but it also offers three-ounce pours at between $5 and $9. This is a great way to sample different wines. There's obviously an enormous bottle selection here (it's a store, remember), and wine director Ryan Cooper is dedicated to making available a number of well-regarded bottles for $40 or less. 

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