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Drinking Spot, Volleyball Court, and Dog Park All in One? Heck Yeah.

Powder Keg offers some big-time patio fun.

By Lauro Rojas October 31, 2019

The hangar-style space at Powder Keg.

On a breezy evening, we found ourselves in a sea of orange with TVs blasting Joe Buck’s booming voice. We were at the new Powder Keg, a bar boasting volleyball courts, craft cocktails, and a dog park. And with the Astros game playing on 16 TVs, plus string lights that offered a warm, even glow on a fall night, we were very content.

Powder Keg is on Britmoore Road, just off I-10 near the Beltway. It shares space with co-working outfit the Cannon in a complex from PUMA Development called the Founder’s District, which, when completed, will be a multi-use, commercial, residential, hospitality, and experience-driven area.

Formerly a sand-blasting fabrication warehouse (10 metal support beams are all that’s left of that), the space has eight high-tops, picnic tables, and plenty of entertainment, from four volleyball courts with overhead lights to cornhole and table tennis areas. Plus, there’s the dog park.

“People were struggling with … only being able to go to a dog park off Highway 6 or Eldridge,” says Kyle Struble, PUMA director of hospitality and manager at Powder Keg. “We wanted to incorporate what we have—space, which we have a ton of right now. We allow people to drink and relax while not having to leave their dogs at home when they’re trying to have a beer.”

Powder Keg boasts local beer from Eureka Heights, Saint Arnold, and the like.

That beer includes rotating taps of 8th Wonder, Karbach, Buffalo Bayou, and Saint Arnold, and a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” option where the bartender will put a surprise can in a bag for $3. Cocktails, priced at $9-10 with shareables a bit more, are slung in a shipping container.

“The drinks are built to be fast and delicious,” says Struble. “[Guests are] not jumping to a Negroni right away.”

You can get food from La Taqueria 4 Primos, a mainstay off Brittmoore, which doles out tacos, tortas, and nachos. Soon, Powder Keg will bring in Tex-Mex, barbecue, and a healthy burger option. All the more reason to stop by on a chilly fall evening.

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