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Appreciating Relaxed Migas Meals at La Guadalupana

Why this Tex-Mex favorite of tortilla strips and eggs is the best.

By Timothy Malcolm November 12, 2019

The usual table setting at La Guadalupana. For breakfast? Migas, of course.

One of my most favorite things about Houston food: the parking lot tables at Montrose's La Guadalupana Bakery & Café. That's a rite of passage, a must for anyone who's never dined here, one of the more relaxed dining experiences in town.

It's so important to me that I've never eaten inside La Guadalupana. Sure, I'm usually there with children, so the sheer thought of trying to pack kids in that small dining room gives me anxiety. But even if I was just with an adult dining partner or alone, I still wouldn't do it.  

And when I'm at La Guadalupana, there are things that I must do. First, I must order coffee, which always comes a touch cooler than scalding hot inside a small ceramic mug. Then, I must order the migas, as I do believe that migas might be the apex of breakfast meals. Who wouldn't want eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and chorizo with corn tortilla strips and a side of creamy refried beans? Plus warm flour tortillas on the side? It may be my absolute favorite Tex-Mex dish, and La Guadalupana does it quite well.

I've tried other things here, like the breakfast tacos (they're okay if too involved, and nothing like, say, Tacodeli or a few trucks I've sampled way out in the suburbs) and even the pancakes (what's the point?), but I felt like I was only wasting my time because I wanted the migas so badly.

Maybe the best thing about La Guadalupana is there's never a rush to leave. Servers lay off your table after delivering plates, checking back only once in a while to refill coffee mugs. There's no prodding, and in fact, sometimes you have to just walk inside yourself to pay a ticket.

I bet if I wanted to spend three hours out there surrounded by cars and other lazy weekend diners, I probably could. Hey, if the coffee keeps coming, why not?

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