I'll have a Luann, please.

Share Your Luby's Memories with Us

The Texas-based cafeteria means something different to all of us.

By Houstonia Staff June 24, 2020

We've seen a wave of Luby's love wash over the city ever since it was announced that the cafeteria chain is selling all its assets, and we got to wondering, What does Luby's mean to us?

For many of us, it means family dinners tucked into a booth by the window. It means going through the salad line just to get a Jell-O. It's the mac 'n cheese, fried okra, and the Luann platter. 

We'd like YOU to share your memories and thoughts with us about what Luby's means to you. If interested in sharing, fill out the submission form below. We'll publish a few of our favorites in the near future.  

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