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For Your Next Bash: Smash a Piñata Cake (or Cupcake)

Local bakeries are getting in on this sweet trend.

By Joanna O'Leary October 22, 2020

Just bite into these piñata cupcakes from Dessert Gallery for a surprise (spoiler alert: it's candy).

“Smash and grab” is not usually a mode of behavior I condone; however, in the case of piñatas, and, specifically, the delicious trend that is piñata cakes, I’m more than happy to figuratively whack (more like slice) and whet my appetite. And given that in the train wreck that is 2020 I often find myself ravenous and enraged in response to the year’s many surprises, a baked good that will curb my sugar cravings, serve as an outlet for my anger, and burst forth with something unexpected (but fun!) seems particularly appropriate.

Those who feel similarly can rest assured that multiple establishments in Houston proffer piñata cakes. HEB sells a highly affordable, albeit highly processed, rainbow version that is adorned with a festive banner that spells out “Party.”

If you are looking to patronize some local small businesses, check out the more wholesome options at Suzybeez Bakery, LSB Cupcakes & Creationsand La Tartine.

Halloween enthusiasts will also particularly appreciate the quadruple-tiered, delightfully garish Halloween piñata cakes stuffed with M&Ms that Common Bond Bakery & Bistro is currently baking.

Finally, Dessert Gallery recently introduced piñata-style cupcakes, available in multiple different flavors with your choice of icing and sprinkle colors. What’s even sweeter? In celebration of its 25-year anniversary, the Dessert Gallery is hosting a giveaway on social media from now until the end of the year, in which two winners are selected monthly to receive a free half-dozen of the piñata cupcakes. 

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