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The End Is Here for Popular Donut Shop Morningstar

The Heights eatery will shutter after service December 28.

By Timothy Malcolm December 4, 2020

Goodbye, yummy donuts.

More reason to curse 2020 as it heads out: Morningstar is closing. The cafe, which made arguably the best gourmet donuts in the city, announced on Instagram Thursday that it would shutter after service December 28.

"We understand this is sad news but we hope you can find joy in knowing you all helped cultivate an amazing community for so many years," the post read. "We made it so far and are so thankful for the support we’ve received."

David Buehrer, co-owner of Greenway Coffee Co. and founder of Morningstar, thanked the shop's customers on Instagram and expounded on the role of a small business like his.

"Morningstar was my first endeavor after Blacksmith and the spiritual successor to the work we had done there. I'm really thankful to have worked alongside all our partners and while this story has come to an end I am hopeful for the future of Houston coffee," wrote Buehrer. "Thank you to everyone who supported Morningstar and understood the meaning and value of having an inclusive hub in such a lovely neighborhood."

Buehrer closed his casual Boulevard Oaks-area Latin American café, Tropicales, earlier in 2020. View a list of restaurants and cafes that have closed during the Covid-19 pandemic here.

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