Avondale Food & Wine Leaves Behind Its Lower Westheimer Location for a Smaller Spot

The restaurant is moving out of Montrose after a decade.

By Shelby Stewart July 29, 2021

Avondale Food & Wine is moving from its Montrose location after 10 years. 

Popular Montrose mainstay Avondale Food & Wine announced earlier this month that it will be relocating from its Lower Westheimer location, after making a decision to not renew their lease. 

Wednesday, July 28, marked the restaurant and wine shop's last day in its 10-year long stay at its Montrose location. The restaurant opted to move to a smaller imprint in the Houston area, but has yet to announce where the new location will be. 

In a press release, Avondale stated, "We’ve achieved a lot over the years and COVID taught us many valuable lessons, mainly that we can take the best parts of what we do and deliver this in a smaller, more efficient space. We are proud to have been named the Best Wine Shop by Houston Press and critical praise for Chef Olivier’s [Olivier Ciesielski] food."

The Loire Wall at Avondale Food & Wine.

The restaurant, originally named L'Oliver, rebranded into Avondale in 2018, and since then has made many changes, like incorporating a weekend Farmers Market and selling over 600 family-owned wines not available in large retail settings, with a focus of 160 food- and price-friendly wines from the Loire Valley in France. 

"We have been able to deliver beautifully executed simple dishes that have been raved about whether it be our burger or famous hot fried chicken that Alison Cook once quoted as a Top 5 in Houston," read the release. "Chef Olivier is most proud of sourcing local ingredients and making everything from scratch delivering a true farm-to-table experience."

In the meantime, Avondale owner Mary Clarkson and Ciesielski will continue working through their catering company and will be available for private events and cooking classes amid the restaurant's big move.

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