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New Seafood Spot Head and Tails Coming to Railway Heights

Head and Tails marks the first restaurant venture for Chef Roy Burks.

By Shelby Stewart August 2, 2021

Roy Burks, owner and chef behind Heads and Tails Seafood.

Head and Tails has dropped its net and is ready to capture your tastebuds. The new seafood eatery, curated by Roy Burks is the latest in gulf-coast cuisines headed to the forthcoming Railway Heights Food Hall. 

Boasting sourced materials, the restaurant is one that takes its name to heart. "Everyone knows that when eating crawfish, you consume the head and eat the tail, but we are using that motto for everything we cook," he tells Houstonia. 

The chef knows his way around the kitchen, but his journey hasn't been the easiest. Burk's says he was a "people pleaser" and that's how he began his life in the kitchen. “I’ve always cooked, but I started cooking more for my friends after football games or track meets," he said. 

Seafood platter at the forthcoming Head and Tails Seafood Eatery in Railway Heights Food Hall

His skills in the kitchen led him to help friends and peers open their own food orgs, until he decided it was time to focus on building his own business. "Making lifestyle changes, readjusting and changing my mindset," Burk's said led him to develop the concept for Heads and Tails Seafood.

The food hall, set to open in August, will be fully sustainable featuring a complete roster of locally sourced vendors, artisans, and craftsmen. Burks will be joined by other restaurants at Railway Heights including BOH Slice, League City’s Pierogi Queen, and Churrazon.

Be on the lookout for the fan-favorite Seafood Boil with Roy’s signature Boss Sauce.

The soft opening for Head and Tails is tentatively scheduled for August 2021. Head and Tails is located in Railway Heights, 8200 Washington Ave. Houston, Texas 77007. Find Heads and Tails on Instagram @headsandtailshtx.


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