The Crudo de Cigala on MARCH's Andalusia and Murcia menu. 

Goodnight Hospitality's concept, MARCH reopened last week with an all-new menu. The restaurant, which serves Mediterranean cuisine, closed for one month in preparation to develop a menu focused on Southern Spanish regions. 

MARCH prides itself on exploring regions in the Mediterranean where boundaries meet. The moniker resembles an area of land on the border between two territoriesthe hospitality group sees the Mediterranean as a collection of marches, with various cultures, languages, and traditions. The restaurant's menu first delved into the Maghreb in Northwest Africa, and now it's moving north, into the Andalusia and Murcia regions, where Head Chef Ian Payne calls home. "It was daunting to make a menu that pays homage to dishes and flavors that raised me," Payne says. "With this menu, I’m presenting my memory of childhood. The use of outwardly simple yet bold ingredients like charred peppers, pata negra, olives, and, of course, Los mariscos shaped my approach."

Lounge snacks Buñuelo; Boquerones y Tabaco; Foie Gras Alfajor; Tortilla de Angula at MARCH.

To prepare for the menu's transformation, the team at MARCH studied the history of Southern Spain, and the prominent cultures in Andalusia and Murcia. Chef and Partner Felipe Riccio says that the pivot to new flavors was a "logical transition," as it follows the migration of people from the Maghreb, which is what we now know as Spain. "This particular research was exciting because of the unique connection our chef team has to the region—some of us have lived there, others have family from there, visited, or have plans to visit next year after being so intrigued with our work," Riccio says. 

New additions to the menu include the Tortilla de Angulas, the Crudo de Cigala, and for dessert, the Bay Laurel Ice Cream with PX Sherry Caramel. 

MARCH's wine 11,000 bottle cellar. 

The beverage program is robust and will feature MARCH's 11,000 bottle wine cellar with wines from all over the world. Master Sommelier June Rodil says the wine offerings will focus primarily on Spanish wines, with the latest addition being the region-specific sherry pairing. As for cocktails, bar manager Alex Negranza studied architecture in Spanish cities to curate drinks inspired by the colors of Spain, like the MARCH martini and  The Antique, made with Louis Roque Plum Brandy, sherry, orgeat, lemon, red wine, and egg white.

Patrons can enjoy the tastes of the Mediterranean through their 6-course discovery and 9-course exploration menus, priced between $175 - $225. 

MARCH, 1624 Westheimer. Reservations only. To purchase tickets, visit their website.

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