Fried Green Tomatoes

Billy F Gibbons and Antone’s Famous Po’ Boys Join Forces To Give Back

All proceeds will go to the Clifford Antone Foundation.

By Shelby Stewart February 2, 2022

Guitarist Billy F. Gibbons poses with Chef Alex Padilla, executive chef of Antone's Famous Po'Boys. 

Image: Becca Wright

Billy F Gibbons, the founder of Houston-based rock band ZZ Top is taking his talents from the stage to the kitchen in his newly announced partnership with the local sandwich shop, Antone’s Po Boys

The decades-old mainstay, which opened in 1962, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with the continuation of its charitable initiative, “H-Town Originals.” The concept enlists local, high-profile figures who are tasked with creating their own signature sandwich, and choosing an organization to amplify their cause. In the past, Antone’s has partnered with hometown heroes such as Bun B, Dr. Peter Hotez and radio host Roula Christie. The groovy Billy F Gibbons is the next star on the list.  

Craig Lieberman, CEO of Antone’s Famous Po'Boys said in a statement, “It’s surreal to be able to partner with Billy F Gibbons, someone who grew up on Antone’s po'boys and I grew up watching on stage.” 

Gibbons shared a similar sentiment with Houstonia, simply calling the new partnership, “a perfect fit.” While Antone’s is commemorating its 60th anniversary, Gibbons also shares the celebration with his own brand, a signature Whisker Bomb Pepper Sauce, which you’ll find glazed atop the specially curated po’boy.

“[It’s] a refreshing vegetarian experience certain to satisfy,” Gibbons says. 

The Billy F Gibbons Whisker Bomb Po’ Boy. 

Image: Dylan McEwan

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, along with executive chef Alex Padilla, created a vegetarian offering: a fried green tomato sandwich dubbed the Whisker Bomb Po'Boy. The sandwich is almost as fiery as the Houston-born rockstar 一 made with buttermilk fried green tomatoes, harissa, chipotle mayo, goat cheese, arugula, and an array of spices. Adding to the fire (literally), Billy F Gibbons’ Whisker Bomb Have Mercy Sauce scores a 9 on the heat meter

According to the “Sharped Dressed Man” performer, the sandwich stays "true to our Texas roots, with a hint of deep south." Plus, the addition of the Whisker Bomb Pepper Sauce adds a hint of heat. 

Proceeds from those who purchase the sandwich will go towards The Clifford Antone Foundation, the non-profit created to “preserve music culture and community by caring for elders and investing in the youth.” Gibbons selected the organization because of his longstanding connection with Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, where he often headlines shows. 

“Our 60th anniversary is a major milestone for the brand, and we are honored to have a Texas legacy like Billy F Gibbons be a part of it,” Lieberman says. 

Antone's Famous Po'Boys, TC Jester, 2724 W T C Jester Blvd. San Felipe, 4520 San Felipe St. The Billy F Gibbons - Whisker Bomb Po Boy is available now at both Antone’s locations through June 1. For more information, visit the website. 

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