Save the Coors Light—The Ion's New Beer Hall Is Hyperlocal

Second Draught’s substantial draft list includes local craft beers from Saint Arnold, True Anomaly, and Eureka Heights.

By Daniel Renfrow September 12, 2022

The new beer hall is innovative in its hyperlocality.

Image: Taylor Cooper

Is there anything more innovative than beer? Or, at least, anything that inspires more innovation? The treasured brew, first concocted back in ancient Sumeria, has been around since 4,000 BCE, and the liquid courage it provides has served as the spark for many a novel idea since its ancient invention. A new beer hall at The Ion, the anchor of Rice’s 16-acre innovation district, is leaning in on that muse-like power of beer and hopes to serve as a relaxed new stomping ground that will provide the liquid spark for new ideas from regulars. 

Second Draught, the district’s new 2,000-square-foot taproom from the creators of Rice Village brewhub Baileson Brewing Company, will today start dispensing a robust selection of local libations from Houston’s 70-strong list of local craft breweries. Second Draught is home to 18 beer taps (and also two wine taps) that will pour out a rotating list of beers from local breweries, including staples such as Saint Arnold, Great Heights, True Anomaly, Eureka Heights, Frost Town, and more. The beer hall is innovative in its hyperlocality, and is putting extra effort into highlighting smaller craft beer operators, who will now have their brews available to a larger audience. 

“We are overjoyed to open Second Draught to Houston’s innovation ecosystem—as well as to those stopping in to the Ion for innovation-focused and community-centric events,” said Second Draught co-founder Sarah Pope in a statement. “Second Draught is designed to be a communal destination for anyone and everyone who visits the Ion, whether they are here on a daily basis, are coming for a specific program, or are taking advantage of the Ion’s expansive open working areas.”

The beer hall, which features 66 indoor seats and an additional 20 seats on an outdoor patio facing Ion Plaza, will be counter service, with guests ordering drinks at the bar. The brew-centric spot will undoubtedly become a quick favorite of the diverse selection of individuals who make their office in The Ion, which will also soon become home to Top Chef finalist Dawn Burrell’s upcoming Afro-Asian restaurant Late August and David Cordua’s small-plates bar concept The Lymbar. 

“As the Ion has continued to grow its community of tenants, partners, and collaborators, the need has never been greater for a watering hole for this dynamic group of Houston’s current and future leaders,” said Jan Odegard, the Ion’s executive director, in a statement. “Gathering outside of the office and exchanging ideas in a relaxed environment could spark the next innovation that solves a complex problem. Second Draught brings added vibrancy to the building as programming has expanded and the Ion’s ecosystem continues to evolve.”

Second Draught will be open Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 9 pm, Saturday from noon to 9 pm, and on Sunday from noon to 6 pm. Second Draught’s hours will expand later this year in conjunction with the openings of Late August and The Lymbar.


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