Top Doctors 2013

An Annotated Guide to the Texas Medical Center

How well do you know one of Houston’s treasures?

Illustrations by Michael Byers By Katharine Shilcutt September 3, 2013 Published in the September 2013 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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1. Texas Children’s Hospital

  • Housed David Vetter, the “Bubble Boy,” in the 1970s
  • Employs Dr. Jennifer Arnold of TLC reality show The Little Couple as a neonatologist
  • Pavilion for Women, the best cafeteria in the Med Center

2. M.D. Anderson 

  • The Prairie, a seven-acre public park full of winding trails and native plants
  • Tom Jean Moore Rose Garden, where volunteers cut, arrange, and deliver roses to patients’ rooms
  • Freeman-Dunn Chapel

3. Houston Methodist Hospital

  • Dr. Michael DeBakey treated the former King of England for an aneurysm just before Christmas 1964.
  • Dr. DeBakey performed gallbladder surgery on Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, who then slipped out, evading police.
  • Crain Lobby: site of the Texas Medical Center Orchestra’s upcoming free concert (11/20)

4. Memorial Hermann 

  • Life Flight deck where Dr. James “Red” Duke launched the state’s first aeromedical program
  • Site of first air conditioned hospital in the nation

5. TIRR Memorial Hermann

  • Rep. Gabrielle Giffords relearned to walk, speak, read, and write.

6. Texas Medical Center Library

Houses rare medical books dating to the 16th century


7. Best chain: Au Bon Pain
8. Best alternative to a Starbucks: Seattle’s Best 
9. Best fine dining: Trevisio 


10. Memorial Hermann METRORail station
11. Dryden/TMC station
12. TMC Transit Center: connects 17 Metro bus routes

Best cheap parking: 

13. Garage 8 and the 
14. South Extension Lot Both are only $6 per day.

Rest and Relaxation

15. Houston Hospice gardens
16. St. Dominic Village gardens 
17. Ansary Atrium inside the Texas Heart Institute (with grand piano played by volunteers daily)
18. John P. McGovern Texas Medical Center Commons with twin 65-foot waterfalls
19. Previous site of the Shamrock Hotel: now the Gus and Lyndall Wortham Park

Odds and Ends

20. UT Health School of Dentistry: teaching NASA astronauts space dentistry

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