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Reflexology Is More than Just a Foot Massage

Soothing your aching hands, feet and ears can also help the rest of your body.

By Jeff Balke May 25, 2017 Published in the June 2017 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Isaac Mendez says reflexology aids the flow of energy throughout the entire body.

Isaac Mendez, owner of River Oaks Advanced Bodyworks, strongly believes in the healing power of reflexology, but he is realistic. “Reflexology can’t cure you, only you can cure you,” he says. “But it can make you feel better.”

The ancient art of massaging the feet, hands and ears is designed to do more than soothe your aching muscles. Practitioners use complex charts that show how zones on our farthest extremities correspond to various parts of the body, which they stimulate through pressure. “You’re not just affecting the muscular system,” Mendez explains, “but also the internal organs and the flow of energy in the body.”

While research on all the purported benefits of reflexology is incomplete, nobody’s arguing that the practice isn’t a good stress reliever, and many agree it can be beneficial for both sleep and pain management.

Houstonian Kymberlie McGuire, who’s been a massage and reflexology enthusiast for years, says she’s seen firsthand how a good therapist can pinpoint an issue through touch. “The first time I got reflexology, the therapist asked me if I had kidney troubles,” she explains, citing her long battle against recurring kidney stones. “It’s been really great helping with the pain I have.”

A holistic approach to health that includes eating well, exercising and getting good sleep can be improved upon with regular reflexology treatments, Mendez says. “Not only does it make your feet feel good, but it also benefits your whole body.”

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