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Your 5 Favorite Fitness Stories of 2019

So many ways to work out.

By Abby Ledoux December 27, 2019

If you, like most Americans, are resolving to work out more in 2020, we have good news for you: There have never been more ways to do that in Houston. From targeted 20-minute sweat sessions to Barry's Bootcamp to assisted stretching—yes, stretching—we showed you a slew of options in 2019, and the good news is you can take them all with you into the new decade.

Our top two fitness stories, though, were about more than working out: Readers were rightfully awed by Christiana Rugloski, the Lake Jackson athlete who seriously represented as a competitor on The Rock's Titan Games on NBC, and by local fave (and sometimes torture chamber) Orangetheory, who offered to step up when a shortage of properly sized spacesuits quashed NASA's first all-female space walk.

Catch up on the year in fitness below.

1. Meet the Lake Jackson Athlete Competing on The Rock's New Show

By Kirsten Keller

"On a cool spring day last April, Christiana Rugloski raced across 50 miles of Brazos Bend State Park, about 40 miles south of Houston. Rugloski, then 21, didn’t know it, but that race would be a factor leading to her selection for The Titan Games, a new show on NBC hosted by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson."

2. Orangetheory—Yes, Orangetheory—Wants to Help with the Historic All-Female Space Walk NASA Had to Scrap

By Abby Ledoux

"Even though the cancellation is due to the suits’ availability—not their existence—it still begs the question of why there aren’t more medium-sized torsos already aboard and ready to go, especially after NASA graduated its most recent class of flight directors, a full 50 percent of whom were women."

3. Can Two 20-Minute Workouts a Week Really Change Your Health?

By Kirsten Keller

"The Exercise Coach boasts that its 20-minute session twice a week is more effective than daily traditional exercise. I questioned [owner Jan] Ross about this claim—if true, that would turn many people’s exercise routines on their heads."

Image: Daniel Ortiz

4. Boutique Fitness Pioneer Barry's Bootcamp is Finally Coming to Houston

By Abby Ledoux

"Joey Gonzalez knows that you’ve probably heard of Barry’s Bootcamp—in fact, he’s banking on it. Word-of-mouth advertising has been the famous fitness concept’s bread and butter since its humble origins in a 1,400-square-foot West Hollywood studio back in 1998."

5. I Tried It: Assisted Stretching

By Kirsten Keller

"When I came off the bench, I felt flexible and loose, but that was about it. And that’s how it’s supposed to be. The goal of StretchLab is to keep you flexible with a good range of motion, which helps improve your quality of life."

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