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When You're Down and Out, This IV Drip Spa Makes House Calls

ThrIVe Drip Spa is a real life-saver.

By Abby Ledoux March 24, 2020

Last month, I was so sick. Pre-corona, something god awful ripped through my office and left in its wake a phlegmy, hacking, exhausted mass over a series of treacherous weeks. My turn came right around Valentine’s Day, and it hit me like a freight train.

I went to urgent care and left armed with prescriptions—for antibiotics, Tamiflu, and lidocaine for my throat, just to cover all the bases—then retreated to my bed for the better part of a week. The meds helped some; so did Pedialyte freezer pops, You season two, and what felt like a lifetime’s supply of Nyquil. But even slightly improved, I still felt like death.

Then I thought back to the last time I felt this bad—worse, actually—in 2014. That was more flu-like than this, and it sent me to the ER (on the eve of my college graduation, no less). Back then, the only thing that made me feel better was an IV drip. I knew fluids were the key to kicking this thing, too, but I could gargle with Lidocaine to the ends of the earth and it still hurt to swallow. Plus, you can only drink so much, sore throat or no—an intravenous infusion is the only way to guarantee 100 percent absorption.

There are plenty of respectable IV spas in Houston, with cushy lounges and designer drips, but I went for the one that would come to me. ThrIVe Drip Spa, with locations in West U, Memorial, and The Woodlands, made a last-minute house call to my apartment in the Heights. And while it might be overkill to say they saved my life, I can confidently attest that they at least brought me back from the edge.

Staffed by certified nurses and medical personnel, ThrIVe offers customized vitamin drips and boosters that can be combined or completely personalized for both preventative and reparative purposes—mine was distinctly the latter. Shortly after putting in a call for relief, ThrIVe’s lead nurse, Chris, appeared with a mobile drip setup like an angel at my second-story doorstep. I ushered him inside and he wasted no time assembling the rolling IV stand and prepping the two bags of blessed fluids I was about to receive from the comfort of my own couch.

I listed my symptoms and told Chris I trusted his judgment on which drip would be most beneficial to my sorry state. We began with a Myers Drip—the original vitamin drip used for boosting immunity, enhancing energy, and alleviating everything from migraines to muscle pain—packed with Vitamin C, magnesium, B-Complex, and B12 vitamins.

For maximum results, Myers is often combined with ThrIVe’s Detox Drip, full of electrolytes and a high dose of glutathione to assist the liver in clearing out toxins. Chris also added Zofran—the anti-nausea drug—and zinc to my drip, which lasted about an hour for a bag and a half. 

Having been so desperately dehydrated and overcome with nausea, I felt near-instant relief. But it wasn’t until about 30 minutes after my IV that I started feeling truly phenomenal—like, good enough to (finally) shower and wash my hair.

I dealt with residual sickness for a few more days, but nothing like what I endured pre-drip. My life could now be categorized in before and after ThrIVe.

You don’t have to be miserably sick to reap the benefits of an IV, either. Chances are you’re probably at least a little bit dehydrated already, and you can multiply that by 10 if you’ve been drinking. In fact, Chris said, the mobile unit primarily sees house calls come in for hangovers. They even have a blend for that: the Party Drip, loaded with electrolytes, Zofran, and Toradol to curb inflammation.

Other drips address everything from post-workout recovery (Fit Drip) to metabolism (Slim Drip) to skincare (Beauty Drip), but since Covid-19 hit, one particular drip has stolen the show. ThrIVe has reported a 30 percent increase in High C drips—10 grams of Vitamin C, the highest available dose—and immunity boosters like zinc and glutathione.

So, yes, ThrIVe is still open—and still making house calls—but they’ve doubled down on the already stringent sanitization practices they follow as a medical spa under the direction of physicians and staffed by registered nurses. Even before Covid-19, that meant constantly disinfecting spas throughout the day and wiping down chairs, tables, refrigerators, restrooms, doorknobs, and hardtop contact surfaces.

Now, ThrIVe is taking extra precautions to implement all CDC guidelines, checking temperatures, removing shared objects like pillows, and encouraging frequent and proper hand-washing with antibacterial soap for both staff and patients.

Most IV drips are $190/liter for walk-ins and $120 for members; High C drip is $275 for walk-ins and $190 for members.

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