Behold: The Second Cheapest Rental in Central Houston

A 448 square-foot Rice Military hovel features luxury touches like a clawfoot tub, a granite countertop, and rooms that hold things.

By John Lomax May 6, 2014

Looking to enjoy the Washington Avenue lifestyle but can't pay $2000 a month to rent that brand-new swankienda? We've got you covered. 

For a mere $750 a month, all this can be yours...

1602 Knox Street offers almost 450 square feet of living space within its peeling clapboard walls.

The kitchen features a granite countertop:

You can also wedge a table in there, so long as it's "very small."

Entranced yet? No? On to the bathroom, where the steamy luxury of a clawfoot tub awaits.

The living room will hold both a couch and some chairs! That's what it says on the Internet!


Still not sold? How's a pedestal sink grab ya?

(Please ignore the water heater.) 

And check out the curb appeal!

All this, plus close proximity to some of the busiest train tracks on the west side of town, can be yours for a mere $750 a month! Act now!

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