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Take Our Real Estate Survey and Tell It Like It Is

Do you have strong opinions about zoning? Historic districts? Stucco townhomes built six-to-a-lot? We want to hear about it.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 18, 2016

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We heard that.

A lot has changed in Houston over the last decade, not the least of which is the housing market. Between the steady influx of Newstonians, the building sprees by developers and the price of oil taking a tumble (and taking a lot of Houston jobs along with it), the real estate game has changed here—for better or for worse.

But we know how we feel about it (conflicted, nostalgic, hopeful, a wee bit existential). We want to know how the real estate market has affected you, our readers. We'll publish the results of our State of Houston Real Estate survey in Houstonia's April 2016 issue, which will be devoted to understanding where we are right now and where Houston housing will be in another decade.

So toss in your two cents—that is, if you have two cents to spare after you're done paying this month's mortgage—and take The State of Houston Real Estate Survey today!

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