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Of Course Huntsville Has a House in the Shape of a Boot

And it's available to rent!

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen March 16, 2017

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The Boot House was designed and built by artist Dan Phillips and is available to rent.

The hottest real estate listing in downtown Huntsville features high ceilings, a rooftop deck, mosaic granite floors — and, oh yeah, it's shaped like a giant boot.

"Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by creating houses that looked like homes in story books," builder Dan Phillips told KTRK. "I just love storybook architecture." Phillips and his company, Phoenix Commotion, have built over two dozen unique dwellings in his hometown of Huntsville since 1997 using reclaimed materials, including one with a roof made of license plates and one whose design was inspired by a Budweiser can. Phillips, a renowned artist, also led the design of the 400-foot Memory Wall in Smither Park on Houston's East Side.

The boot house is available to rent for $1,200 and has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a total of 711 square feet, though that figure doesn't take into account the 35-foot-tall roof deck at the top of the boot that can be reached via spiral staircase. And it will soon have a new neighbor: Phillips has said he's planning on building a dwelling in the shape of a cowboy hat next door.

Check out more images of the boot house below. 


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