Property Envy: The feeling we get upon seeing Kent Schaffer's monster-sized closet, and the name of the Bravo television series the home was featured on. The three-bed, three-and-a-half-bath, 4,658-square-foot Sunset Blvd. dwelling recently hit the market for $1.8 million, which means that colossal closet could be yours.

Schaffer, the legendary Houston defense attorney known for his star-studded clientele roster and his eccentric style, transformed the den of his four-story, Rice-area home into his dream closet. Since then, he's filled the spacious, gilded-ceilinged wardrobe with all manor of colorful ties (an entire wall full, each in their own cubby), rows of jaunty smoking slippers, and seemingly endless dapper jackets.

Then, of course, there's the master suite attached to it, where the gilded ceiling and dark, paneled walls continue and meet rich, brocade carpeting. Similar dramatic features are imbued through the entire house, which was built in 2006 and modeled after a London townhome. Each floor includes full bed and baths except the second, which houses an open kitchen, breakfast room, formal dining area, living room, powder room, and balcony. Covetable amenities include a mix of hardwood and marble floors, wet bar, double oven, kitchen island, attached garage, workout room, and a fourth-floor balcony with sweeping views of the Med Center. 

If the interior of Schaffer's townhome reveals anything about the man, it's that he's consistent in his style. He perhaps unknowingly summed it up best in a 2015 interview with Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association ahead of his 60th birthday, when he was asked to consider an alternate reality in which he wasn't an attorney.

"I'm a Jew; we've always wandered the desert," Schaffer said. "If I'm not practicing law, I'd want to own the Bellagio."

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