At first it seemed almost disingenuous to call this glittering marble-and-glass structure on 3.5 acres in the heart of Houston a home. Standing alongside the sparkling, 60,000-gallon, heated pool, it felt more like some posh island retreat. And that’s what the original owners, a family of four, were going for. “They wanted the place to be a showpiece,” says Sotheby’s realtor Susan Boss, “and to have the feel of all of their favorite resorts.”

The $10.2 million, eight-bedroom residence is a clean-lined, contemporary wonder, the kind that has two kitchens in the main house—one for the family’s use, one for the caterers. As we stroll through the high-ceilinged space, examining the climate-controlled wine room (complete with cork flooring), the study with sliding-glass walls, the endless array of bathrooms and closets, and the server room that, Boss explains, is the nervous system of the fully loaded “smart house,” it’s hard to believe its original owners ever left for an afternoon—never mind moved away (they relocated for work).

The property, deliberately built in the only neighborhood within city limits that allows residents to fence in the entire perimeter of their land, acts like a compound. While a planned indoor basketball court and 20-car garage have yet to be constructed, the place has nearly everything else, including a gym, a casita across from the pool, and a small “dog shower” tucked into the laundry room at the main house.

There’s even wildlife. Back in the 1960s, a Rivercrest man brought in some peacocks, whose wings, supposedly, had been clipped. The moment he released them, though, the exotic birds proved that their wings still worked just fine. Their descendants have been roaming Rivercrest properties ever since. And as Boss tells us about them, we finally see this place for what it is. After all, a house is just a house, but a house frequented by wild peacocks? Sounds like a home.

Home Details

  • Size: 16,908 sq. ft.
  • Architect: The Frankel Building Group
  • Year built: 2017
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