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The 5 Most Popular Home and Real Estate Stories of 2019

Everyone just wanted a peek at James Harden's house.

Edited by Abby Ledoux December 26, 2019

Overwhelmingly, readers wanted to look inside other people's homes this year—and when those other people are James Harden, who can blame them?

A virtual tour of The Beard's massive, modern estate was our top home and real estate story this year, and the house porn that was our Dream Homes feature—10 stunning abodes in 2019's top neighborhoods—was popular, too.

Want to revisit? Check out these top 5 posts, and prepare for house envy.

Image: CB2/Jon Shaft

1. Want to Look Inside James Harden's House?

By Abby Ledoux

“'I mean, it’s me, man,' Harden said of his house. 'You walk into the house and it’s like, it’s beautiful, but it has my touches on it.'”

2. Which Houseplant Is Right for You?

By Rebekah Kibodeaux

"It can be therapeutic to nurture and bolster a living thing, and potted plants are exceptional options for those without the space or time for an outright garden (and for anyone in search of a low-risk alternative to, you know, having an actual kid)."

Image: TK Images

3. This Futuristic Smart Home is Houston's Most Expensive Sale Since 2016

By Abby Ledoux

"What does over $10 million look like? Specifically, eight bedrooms, eight full and five half baths, an accompanying two-story casita and fitness pavilion, and a 60,000-gallon pool and grotto connected to a resort-sized spa all on 3.5 acres."

4. Dream Big: 10 Swoon-Worthy Homes In Our Top Neighborhoods of 2019

By Abby Ledoux, Laura Furr Mericas, Gwendolyn Knapp, Morgan Kinney, Dianna Wray, and Catherine Matusow

"In our search to identify 10 of Houston’s best neighborhoods, we’ve landed on 10 of Houston’s best houses, and what follows is perhaps the last form of acceptable voyeurism. Whether a 20-car garage, 60,000-gallon pool, Moroccan-tiled bathroom, or Calacatta marble island is within reach is beside the point, so long as you can appreciate it."

5. Behind the Scenes With Galveston's Newly Minted DIY Network Stars

By Laura Furr Mericas

"We met up with the couple at one of the homes featured on the show ... to talk about what it was like to restore eight houses in six months, the future of their beloved island, and how nothing on TV is ever as easy as it seems."

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