Here Are 3 Local Businesses Turning Your Home Goals Into a Reality

These local interior designers’ Instagram posts walked straight out of magazines, but recreating their wow-factor in Houston is easier than you think.

By Kaitlyn Miller June 26, 2020

I don't know about you, but I'm someone who scrolls through Instagram for hours convincing myself a handmade shag rug or a luxury set of throw pillows are the missing pieces my living room needs. Then, after seeing the price and amount of time the dream accessory takes to ship, I just add it to the other design ideas that could happen “one day” (and let’s face it, that day isn’t coming anytime soon).

But what if “one day” could be tomorrow? What if you could recreate rooms styled by some of Houston’s most talented interior designers without breaking the bank, calling up professionals, or shipping from across the globe? Pay a visit to these three local stores, and you can bring the same looks to your living room while making your #homegoals inspo board a reality.

Lauren Ashley

Need a floral stylist, event planner, and interior designer in one? Lauren Ashley has your back. One look at her Instagram account will leave you inspired after scrolling through the clean, sophisticated style she incorporates into every room and event she designs (just look at this dining space’s before and after). 

Between the beautiful photos she posts from recent projects and the expert design tips and tricks she sprinkles throughout her account, there’s no doubt you’ll be left anxious to redecorate that lousy spare bedroom after a little Insta-stalking. So, what’s one of the biggest things Lauren Ashley utilizes to transform a space? Lighting.

Rejuvenation Houston  

Rejuvenation Houston is the adult Toys ‘R’ Us when it comes to decor. From furniture to finishing touches, one trip to their location in Houston’s Uptown Park could lead to a full-on home transformation.

However, one thing they specialize in like no other is lighting. With extravagant chandeliers and incredible accent lamps, Rejuvenation Houston’s extraordinary collection of light fixtures is seemingly never-ending. After one look at @ladesigneraffair’s Instagram, you’ll start to pick up on which pieces tend to steal the show, and those new hanging kitchen lights or that bare bulb chandelier could be the golden purchase needed to bring that same impressive sophistication that Lauren Ashley specializes in straight to your home (she would be proud). 

Susie Maddox Interiors

The queen of pastels, plants, and positioning, Susie Maddox is living proof that the key to a great design lies in the details. There’s a fragile line to walk between a space looking empty without a few pops of colorful patterns and being overwhelmed by one too many books or succulents—but Maddox seems to be an interior design trapeze artist when it comes to finding accessories that will compliment a space while keeping it clean and collected.

How she organizes decorations in a space is definitely a talent, but the accessories she uses in her photos (that would look gorgeous in your own living room) can be easily found around Houston.

Lam Bespoke

With two stores located in Memorial and the Upper Kirby area of Houston, there’s a good chance you’re only a short drive away from finding the accent pieces you’ve been trying to hunt down since moving into your home. You could be looking for a classic collection of art, a funky modern centerpiece, or vintage trinkets for your bookshelf, and Lam Bespoke offers a large selection of each at your fingertips. 

It’s rare to find such a diverse array of design styles displayed in a single shop, but it gets even better. Lam Bespoke also offers a variety of locally made upholstered furnishings that can be personally customized to fit your exact vision. From key furniture pieces to the smallest accessories, Lam Bespoke’s collection of incomparable pieces has made them a secret weapon among local interior designers like Maddox.

Chandos Interiors 

Have you ever burned a candle that made your stress melt away after a few breaths of eucalyptus and lavender? Scrolling through Chandos Interiors’s Instagram page delivers an oddly identical  feeling of serenity. I’m not sure if it’s the elegant details or clean simplicity of her designs, but between cute pictures of her kiddos and stunning design jobs, her Instagram is a trip to the spa if you’re a decor lover (and softie) like me.

One detail of her work that always shines while scrolling through her feed is the artwork on display. Though I have a soft spot for my masterpieces from Target’s sale section, the art she uses to complement a space is always a statement, despite the size or coloring of the pieces. 

Off the Wall Gallery 

Located in The Galleria, Off The Wall Gallery brings works from established contemporary artists across the globe into the melting pot of paintings, prints, and sculptures they have on display in their main gallery. Contact their team of art consultants through their website or in-person to find the perfect piece for the space you’re transforming.

On top of their main gallery, you can also visit their Art Boutique that displays their newest pieces in a glass exhibit located just outside Neiman Marcus’s main entrance of The Galleria. Though it’s currently closed due to COVID-19, it’ll be ready to wow spectators within the upcoming months. If you’re looking for inspiration, a mini museum trip, or a statement piece to complete your home, Off the Wall Gallery is a good place to start. 

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