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Five Things I Learned From Watching Selling Tampa

The Netflix original showcases women of color selling some of Tampa's hottest homes.

By Shelby Stewart January 18, 2022

The cast of Selling Tampa

Certain real estate markets across the country are on fire right now. Major cities like Austin, Phoenix and San Jose are slated to boom in the new year, and reality television is giving them their shine. Tampa, the luxurious cultural hub on the coast of Florida was the highlight of Netflix Original Selling Tampa, the Florida offshoot of the original reality-real estate show, Selling Sunset. 

On Selling Tampa, luxury real estate brokerage Allure Realty, helmed by Sharelle Rosado and her team of stylish real estate agents take on the buzzy city and work to sell homes to Tampa's elite. Though only a succinct eight episodes, viewers get an insider look on some of the hottest homes in Tampa Bay. 

While the show centered around luxe mansions, powerful business deals and a team of powerful women, there's a few tips and takeaways from the reality television show, and how they can be applied to the Houston real estate market. 

Purchase from women of color in real estate.

Women-led business is obviously what's hot right now, and the cast of Selling Tampa was the proof. Albeit a cast of gorgeous young women, these women of color know their stuff. In an interview with Creative Loafing in September of last year, Sharelle Rosado said that “Viewers are going to see powerful minority women stepping into luxury real estate."

Business and pleasure can mix. 

Selling Tampa shows a healthy mix of both professional and personal as we get an insider look of these women in both their personal and professional lives. Those who want to win in real estate, are the most relentless and consistent. 

Staging means EVERYTHING. 

What's a beautiful home without the right decor? When you decide to start your home buying journey in Houston, the right sofa chaise and matching decor will absolutely impact your home buying decisions. 

When real estate agents aren't selling homes, they're likely drinking champagne.

What better way to celebrate selling a massive mansion that by pouring a glass of bubbly? After working to sell a million dollar home, anyone could use a drink. But buyers beware: this is also how they get you to make an offer! In episode two of the new series, realtors talk about how they'll offer clients champagne to get them comfortable and interested in buying a home. 

If your agent doesn't know the specs of the home, RUN. 

If you've watched any parts of Selling Tampa, you'll know how important it is to present a home to your client the right way. Not being able to answer a clients questions is a huge red flag. 

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