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Houston Charts List for Top Moving Destinations

For annual movers, Houston has become a prime destination.

By Jessica Lodge May 17, 2022

For annual movers, Houston has become a prime destination.

Hometown natives can feel the increase in residents; traffic, packed restaurants, and longer lines are sweeping the city, and a recent study confirms your speculation; that Houston is growing. According to an analysis of national data by PODS Enterprises, LLC, Houston ranked number 12 in the top 20 destinations for relocation from 2021-to 2022. 

Through this report, PODS analyzes the number of customers moving to a specific city or region to those leaving that area over the last year. From intensive research, data can conclude which number is more significant with this ratio, determining the top moving destinations in the united states. 

As most move to southern states due to the cheaper cost of living than in other regions, the increase in population leads to growing rent and home prices. Previously reported by Houstonia, since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the city has seen an 8% population inflation. Monthly rent has boosted by 0.09% as Fort Bend county’s average is $1573, which is the most expensive, whereas Harris county’s average is $1218, the city’s least costly. In January 2022, the median home price increased by 18% to $310,000, and the average price climbed up by 16% to $378,000. Although Houston's rent and home prices are not as high compared to other metro cities in Texas, the consistent gain in residents will ultimately cause drastic change. 

An increase in population may not be the news that Houstonians would like to receive, but don’t get too anxious; with 12 other cities listed ahead of Houston, not everyone is hip to this southern hidden gem. 

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