The Perfect Party

July’s Perfect Party

A toast to persistence and (staying) power

By Catherine Matusow Illustrations by Charlie Powell July 1, 2013 Published in the July 2013 issue of Houstonia Magazine

 In the mood for something inspirational, this month we invited guests who don’t know the meaning of the words give up. Ice Cube, in town for the retro Kings of the Mic Tour, got his start in gangsta rap but now stars in such family-friendly fare as Are We There Yet?, with the happy result that he’s not going anywhere … yet. Similarly, local graffiti artist GONZO247 has seen his career go from fringe to mainstream, although we’ve got a question for the paint slinger: if the city owns your work, can you still call yourself a street artist? As for Buckhead Investment Partners’ Kevin Kirton, he certainly knows how to buck an entire neighborhood. Over the objections of countless nearby residents, his group has edged closer to constructing Ashby High Rise, a monument to either persistence or ruthlessness, depending on your point of view. Catastrophic Theatre mainstay Tamarie Cooper has made such a success of her annual summer show—the 2013 edition, Tamarie Cooper’s Old as Hell!opens July 12—she’s become an institution in her own right. Never change, Tamarie. And same to you, Brittney Griner. The WNBA player, who attended Aldine’s Nimitz High and now plays for the Phoenix Mercury, recently came out as gay, opening up about being teased as a kid as well as the online harassment she faces today. As Griner put it in a recent New York Times essay, she’s realized “I just had to hang in there and be myself.” Amen and pass the peas. 

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