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Perfect Party: Who We're Inviting To Christmas

These major players would be the perfect winter party guests.

By Nandi Howard Illustrations by Robin Kachantones December 27, 2021 Published in the Winter 2021 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Who’s ready for a Houston winter? Whatever that is.

During this “season” one day could be perfect to go for a swim, and the next could be a winter freeze – but let’s not jinx it. And with the fluctuation of temperatures being most common during this time, of course, a runny nose and scratchy cough is bound to happen. But, if there’s one person in Houston that could relieve us from a winter cold, (and make sure it’s not COVID-19 because that is still a thing) it’s Dr. Bud Frazier. Considering he received the distinguished 2021 American Association for Thoracic Surgery’s Scientific Achievement Award; we are sure he can solve just about anything. Perhaps the physician could give our new Rockets player Jalen Green a few tips on how to stay in the best shape on the court. While Houston sports have been a letdown these past few years, Green is hoping to bring the Rockets back to being a fan-favorite. Luckily, Chef Dawn Burrell is an expert on how to win Houston over. The Houston-based chef was a finalist on Top Chef Season 18. Burrell’s highly anticipated restaurant ‘Late August’ is set to open in 2022. While residents are sure to crowd her space, a few celebrities from Houston like singer Alaina Castillo and Hollywood director, Wes Anderson would be great guests. Maybe she could even get DJ Flash Gordon Parks to spin at her opening night? Now that’s a perfect party!

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