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The Perfect Party

Big things, various size packages

By Catherine Matusow September 3, 2013 Published in the September 2013 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Two words: “grow up.” That’s all it took for San Antonio mayor Julián Castro to tell off a Twitter racist and earn him a seat at our splendid table. Others came via more circuitous routes. State senator   Wendy Davis, say. She was already the first reason to love Fort Worth since … ever. Now she’s threatening to be an object lesson in losing battles and winning wars, pink Mizuno–style. Which meant we couldn’t ignore Abigail Fisher, the little woman with the big school (UT) and an even bigger legacy, thanks to the Supreme Court’s anti–affirmative action ruling, or opera diva Renée Fleming, whose grand voice leads off the Houston Symphony’s grandest season yet—its 100th—on Sep. 7. Then there’s Paula Deen and her troubles of late, for which enormous is too weak a word; we can’t help wondering how her long-planned appearance at MetroCooking Houston will go (Sep. 14). Speaking of uncomfortable moments, how about we seat Reverend Lisa Hunt of St. Stephens, the Montrose-area Episcopal church that started performing same-sex blessings last year, beside senator John Cornyn, who voted against immigration reform? Sure, it’s a dangerous move, but how could it be otherwise with such a rage-filled guest list? Whether hating on nasty tweeters, Rick Perry, college admissions offices, rogue lovers, angry sponsors, the anti-gay marriage lobby, or undocumented workers—this group knows from righteous anger. But none of them holds a candle to the little boy Channel 13 happened upon at that Rockets rally for Dwight Howard, the one who didn’t exactly appreciate Shaquille O’Neal’s surprise at Howard choosing a “little town” like Houston. “Shaq, Shaq, I want to say one thing to you, Shaq!” the kid shouted endearingly, standing up to a man roughly 17 times his size. “Don’t ever disrespect Houston like that again! … H-Town, baby!” Somebody find this boy—there’s a seat at the head of the table waiting for him. 

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